6 Tips to Sell Your Boat FAST

Are you looking for tips to sell your boat?

“In this blog we share 8 tips to help you successfully sell your boat on the internet. Certainly in the run-up to the summer we see more and more supply of boats, which increases competition, and selling a boat increasingly comes down to smart sales tricks. Are you captain of your own ship and do you want to sell it? Then read along and maybe you will make someone happy with your boat tomorrow.”

Tip 1: A well-maintained boat sells faster

This seems like an open door: a boat that looks better in the photos will sell faster. Yet all too often we see that people put their boat on the photo before cleaning it up. We live in a time where visual means play an increasingly promising role; people are very inclined to make choices based on visual motives.

That is why a poorly maintained boat in the photo will score less well than a perfectly maintained boat. Consider what your salesperson will see: a ready-made boat or a huge project. Therefore, take the time to wash and brush the boat and tidy everything below and / or above neatly.

Tip 2: Sell your boat at a realistic asking price

Boats should be offered at a realistic asking price to significantly increase the number of responses from candidates. Think carefully before you enter an asking price and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would I pay this asking price myself if I were a buyer?
  • Are similar boats priced similarly?
  • How much did I pay myself and when?
  • Does this asking price conform to the year that I offer?
  • Is the condition of the boat in line with the price I am asking?
  • Do I have enough surplus value left over or do I have to sell at a loss?

You also have to think economically about the asking price of your boat. If there are several boats for sale for a ‘slightly too high’ amount, you would do well to offer them just below that. It is a psychological game that you will find in every branch of commerce. An asking price just below the usual price attracts more eyes, and with that you increase your chance of success. 

Think this way too: the time it takes you to sell the boat for a higher price also costs money. After all, you pay mooring costs, port dues and advertising costs to be able to sell the boat. So the best way is to ensure that you offer a price that is realistic, sells quickly and thus reduces the costs of selling.

Tip 3: Good photos score high.

What sells better: a gray photo, ugly scaled, dark and with a poorly maintained boat or a photo that looks neat, with good proportion and a clear light from a well-maintained boat?

This is a no-brainer of course. A good photo has a much higher chance of sale than an ugly photo with little to see. The customer obviously has no picture or experience at all with the boat and this must be achieved on the basis of photos and a description. Although descriptions are often well read, it is often photos that are decisive, since people on the internet often read scans and focus more on photos. Unfortunately we all too often come across photos that do not convey the image of a boat at all. This ensures long sales procedures, high costs and low response rates.

Take a moment to take a number of photos with a good camera or telephone, in which you are almost amazed that you are selling the boat at all. A wide-angle photo of the interior, a nice wide photo of the outside and, if possible, a drone shot of the top. With a self-timer you can place the camera anywhere you want to get them in the most difficult corners.

Tip 4: Make the information complete and complete.

sell your boat

Give a good description!

We cannot say it often enough: use a good description that makes readers in the first sentence warm for your boat. Include the type of boat in the title and in the first sentence of the first paragraph so that search engines can find the boat right away if people search for it.

Tip 5: Use your network.

Sharing a boat on social media is not a bad idea at all. You probably know a few people who want to share your ad on Facebook or Twitter, maybe Instagram? The chance that you increase the range with this is of course enormous, and with it the chance of potential buyers. Make a nice photo that can act as the main photo for the post and write an attractive text that can make buyers warm in one sentence.

Tip 6: Is your boat already findable?

Go to Google now and search for the brand name and type of your boat. You now know that your boat is easy to find and that people can find your advertisement on the internet with little effort.

Those were our tips for now! We wish you good luck with the sale of your boat.

Tip 7: Make sure your boat is pristine!

All of the above mentioned tips are no good if your boat looks like garbage. Be sure to get your boat professionally detailed at your local marina or boat yard. Have them do the works, inside and out. Touch up places in the paint or gelcoat that need it. Don’t be cheap when doing this… its imperative your boat is a showcased product that every buyer will not be able to forget.

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